It's not really that bad. The wide view is 5A street. The front facing 17th looks like this:

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Ignoring the ugly FRANCESCO on the right, and the corrugated metal on both sides of the corner. this is fine to me. It's certainly better than what we have there now.
Is it really acceptable for a developer of an end block to give you one nice facade and just be like "yeah ignore the 150ft wall of depressing metal facade down the other street?"
A link to the DP plans from the agenda:

DMAP status:

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The application was approved on March 07, 2024. After a development permit is approved, it will be advertised on The City of Calgary's public notice webpage . Any appeal of the decision must be submitted to the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board from March 14, 2024 to April 04, 2024. To submit an appeal, click here .