My only complaint is that the balconies are too random. There is no pattern to the progression in balcony length. I think the upper balconies would look better if they were broken up into multiple balconies. There’s also no discernible pattern to the curved balcony railings which I don’t like. I like the curved railings, but would prefer to see a regular pattern, see the curve on the same side on every balcony, or see a snaking pattern of curves on opposite ends of alternating rows of balconies. Otherwise it looks pretty descent overall.
There is demand - but the current demand is more than satisfied by the available supply. Many (if not most) live/work units are "live" units in practice.

However it's a good thing to have these options in the market to offer flexibility to meet changes in the market in the future.
To me, the definition of live work units is fairly fluid, with some cases where the units are designed with a complete workspace and even a separate entrance for a business. Other times it's used to describe a unit that is more of what I would call 'home office friendly' Units that have space set aside for an office, but with sliding walls or doors, etc... so that the space can be partially integrated into living space if needed. A lot of places have this now - usually called the 'den', but maybe more focus can be put into the den portion, and there can be more of a market focus on it being used as workspace?
With recent trends of people working from home, maybe units designed as 'work from home friendly' might be more marketable. I'm not a marketing expert, but as someone who works from home, it would appeal to me.