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Sep 24, 2015
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Might as well get a thread started for this one. This is the one @Cyric had mentioned earlier. I'll get the official height from the city. Located at 18th ave and 1st St SE

70 units of condo being developed by 1801 1ST GP LTD



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Looks decent, reminds me of the tower Sturgess designed a few years back that was 1 condo per floor.

Yeah I was going to say the same thing! And I mean, it's certainly not winning any beauty contests, it is pretty nice. Mission for the low 200s? Sign my TF up!
I like the slim tower with zero podium/ townhouse for a nice change of pace, but not would want to see this duplicated everywhere. Once again materials will be key.
Maybe not duplicated everywhere, but I would like to see more towers of this size with this type of footprint, scattered here and there around various areas of the inner city.
Ahhh if we're thinking of the same one it was called "The XII"... man I loved that one.
The XII was a different project, located along 26th Ave SW in Mission at about 2nd Street SW. It to was designed by Sturgess, very similar design to the proposal for this site from back in 2006 or so. Both were 1 unit per floor, both had robotic/vending machine style parkades, both didn't get off the ground :(.

I have a feeling that, given the price point, there will be little to no parking for this one, based on the size of the parcel of land.
Very much also agreed, it's very unimposing and has an aesthetically pleasing scale.
I have mixed feelings about the base. If the building is in between two other buildings, I would very much like the base, but being on a corner like that, the north side needs more attention. Overall though, I like this one.
Very cool little project! I agree with the comments regarding the slim profile, small podium and curb appeal. There's something a bit playful about it to me. It doesn't come off as a stark people-box.

It's nice, too bad it's right beside a freeway.