"A development permit has been submitted and is currently under review. The development permit application proposes 83 three-storey townhouse units and is contingent on the approval of this land use amendment."
Policy Assessment, Page 2
"We believe the redevelopment of the CBC site has potential to create a signature development keeping with the residential nature of the community and represents a once-in-lifetime development that the community would like to see done well."
Community Support, Last Paragraph
Is this the DP for the sales centre and show suite?
I live nearby and have some additional information. Anthem is coming back after 5 years of consultation and engagement with an entirely new and different plan. I have the full slide deck but having trouble reducing the size under 20mb, it is image heavy. I have clipped a few slides to show the updated proposal.

Because of the creosote in the area they are unable to dig down so the central area is a two story above ground parkade with a patio area on top.

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Slide 7.JPG
Slide 8.JPG
Slide 10.JPG
Slide 12.JPG
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Interesting about the creosote, since the area is already developed and they can't remediate, I wonder what the future will be for it. If they did excavate I would guess that some would leak through the foundation and contaminate any groundwater the sumps would handle, and that would contaminate the sewer water?