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Apr 24, 2007
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Rogers to move Citytv from Queen and John

Rogers will pay $375 million in cash to buy Citytv in Toronto and in four other Canadian cities

Jun 12, 2007 03:45 PM
Canadian Press

The trademark image of Citytv at the corner of Queen and John streets in downtown Toronto will become but a memory in a few years, if Rogers Media gets approval to acquire five Citytv television stations from CTVglobemedia Inc.

The pending deal will eventually move the Citytv label out of the CHUM-City building, where it has grown its brand name since CHUM acquired the property in the mid-1980s.

The shift comes as Rogers makes plans to scoop up the CTVglobemedia assets in five Canadian cities for an estimated $375 million. The deal is subject to regulatory approvals and is expected to close late this year.

Under the agreement, the Citytv brand will get a major shakeup at its headquarters, with the future of its sister cable news station CP24 also in limbo.

CP24 is fully owned by CHUM after it bought out Sun Media's 29.9 per cent stake in 2004.

CTVglobemedia, Canada's largest private sector broadcaster, has made holding onto the CHUM building a stipulation of the agreement with Rogers. The space will continue to house CTV operations under the new plan, according to Rogers spokeswoman Jan Innes.

"We will have a transition period where we will keep City there until we have a new facility to move City into," she told The Canadian Press.

Rogers will remain at the CHUM-City building for up to three years through what is being called a "transition period."

At this point, the destination of the studios afterwards is anyone's guess.

"We have some options. We own some properties in the city and we have television operations in the city," said Rogers Broadcasting president Rael Merson. He named the company's OMNI multicultural channel's headquarters near the Lake Ontario waterfront as a possible home.

CTVglobemedia will continue to operate the newly acquired cable channel operations out of the CHUM building, including those of CP24, the news station that has a tight working relationship with Citytv. Both channels share news anchors, content and channel cross-promotion.

According to sources at CHUM, employees of Citytv and CP24 have become increasingly jittery about their future following the late Monday announcement of the sale to Rogers, especially since the lines between the two stations are particularly blurry.

While Citytv and CP24 anchors appear on both networks, staff paycheques clearly define whether the employees are being paid by Citytv or CP24, which only seems to confuse matters further.

For the time being, Rogers said the plan is to share content between the two channels.

Staff "who are predominantly related to one operation would remain with that one operation," Merson said.

"To the extent that they need to multi-purpose, we're going to have to find a way to make sure they multi-purpose appropriately. Then we would make a determination based on effectively where people spent the bulk of their time."

But Merson said that the timing for content sharing is unclear at this point, though it'll likely last for the three-year period of the CHUM-City building transition.

The downtown Toronto studio will continue to operate the cable channel operations acquired from CHUM. That includes national music video channel MuchMusic, which has become a staple of Queen Street with its sidewalk concerts and parking lot video awards shows.

"On balance, it's probably going to be easier for us to move City than it was for them to move everything else," Merson said.

Other Citytv stations included in the acquisition are in Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver.

Rogers plans to buy the buildings that City owns and acquire the leases on the rest.
Hot off the press...

CNW Group Portfolio E-Mail


Transmitted by CNW Group on : October 22, 2007 17:50
Rogers to Purchase Olympic Torch Building for Citytv and OMNI Television in Toronto

TORONTO, Oct. 22 /CNW/ - Rogers Communications has entered into a binding
agreement to acquire 35 Dundas Street East, currently known as The Olympic
Torch building to house Citytv and OMNI Television in Toronto. The acquisition
is subject to certain important conditions being fulfilled. The closing
schedule is currently planned for mid November.
"We think this building portrays the local, urban and diverse character
of Citytv and OMNI Television," said Tony Viner, President and CEO, Rogers
Media Inc. "We were determined to find a location that would maintain the
stations' presence in the local fabric of the city."

Rogers Communications is a diversified Canadian communications and media
company. We are engaged in wireless voice and data communications services
through Wireless, Canada's largest wireless provider and the operator of the
country's only Global System for Mobile Communications ("GSM") based network.
Through Cable and Telecom we are one of Canada's largest providers of cable
television, cable telephony and high-speed Internet access, and are also a
national, full-service, facilities-based telecommunications alternative to the
traditional telephone companies. Through Media, we are engaged in radio and
television broadcasting, televised shopping, magazines and trade publications,
and sports entertainment. We are publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange
("TSX") (RCI.A and RCI.B), and on the New York Stock Exchange ("NYSE") (RCI).
For further information about the Rogers group of companies, please visit

That's a pretty grand entrance to the forum! Thanks for posting! That makes for an interesting end to months of speculation. It might be a small location, but it should make for a nice hub of activity for the square.
Fantastic news! Hopefully a makeover is in order, maybe they will even complete the ticker and cover up the horrible concrete base. Another bonus is we now have one less PenEquity controlled building in the city.
Sounds perfect to me,

The google idea didn't really make much sense to me - unless they were planning on setting up exhibits and what not, if they were just offices other then the *cool factor it really doesn't fit the location. CityTV will do wonders - I think this absolutely the best use for Olympic spirit.
awesome! now i'll get to see kevin every morning when i go to school...LIVE!
They also ended the 6 oclock news with the story..


Link: Citytv Announces Location For New Home: Right In The Heart Of Toronto

Goodbye Queen St. West. Hello Yonge-Dundas Square. After years of being a fixture on the Queen St. strip, Citytv is moving to a brand new home. And if our old location was the once up-and-coming soul of the city, our new one is right in its heart.

Rogers Media, the new owner of the Citytv properties across the country, has been looking for the perfect place to house the little station that could. And it's more than found it at the building that's home to the Olympic Spirit. The tower on the corner of Victoria and Dundas was built to give tourists and residents a chance to see what it's like to participate in the Olympic Games.

But now you've got a new event that will run Rings around it - the opportunity to one day take a tour of the station that made its name as the Voice, Spirit and Eyes of Toronto. And given what an amazing location it is - on Dundas Square - that's going to continue. Rogers has vowed to restore Citytv to its famous lustre, as the place that allows you to interact with a TV station, a unique experience that's been copied by others across the planet.

And we won't be going there alone. Our new sister stations, OMNI 1 And 2 will be joining us in the new space.

"The space is a little over 43,000 square feet and will represent the ongoing commitment of Citytv and OMNI TV to the core of Toronto and the urban landmark that our stations have represented for so many years," explains Rogers Media CEO of Television Leslie Sole in a memo to employees. "I have toured the location and it will become a powerful television site in the Dundas Square complex. This space will take some planning and a great deal of organization but we will create a home that will be second to none."

Not to mention a station that will be that, too. It's going to be a while before the official move takes place. But given Citytv's historic involvement of letting viewers see what's behind the making of television, you can be sure to see updates on the progress of the new H.Q. as it nears completion. Because while it's your city, it's always been your City. And no matter where we go, that will never change.
This is by far the best news i could possibly have hoped for.

Damn it I was just going to post this, but I was beat to the punch.
Very awesome news. Perfect location for a TV channel!
Great! There's some hope for that pathetic building. It's in a far too central location to be left the stinking pile of donkey poo that it is.
Amazing news. Hopefully Rogers isn't as cheap as ChumTV and will acually spend some serious $$$ to turn an unfinished crap-pile into a worthy icon for this city.