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Looking forward to seeing progress on Montage. It’s going to stand out amongst the rest of city place as the first non Vancouver style building to go up. Thanks for posting the pic Joel in TO.
yay! west one and n only have a floor to go and then mechanical.
really? i figured both towers have a few more floors to go. i expected west one to top out or at least hit the same height as HVE
I thought W1 was only a few floors off of the one across the street. I hope so atleast.

It is interesting to see how this desolate and cold area is starting to come alive with people, landscaping and lighting. The same can be said for Liberty Village too.

This group really will look impressive coming in on the gardiner.
Does anybody have the info on these buildings. I can't remember the heights of them.
driving by on the gardiner today i could see that west one definitely has more than one floor to go. they've probably got at least 5 or 6 more floors of residential, and then a couple floors of mechanical
West One is at the 49th floor, of a 49 floor building that will presumably top off with mechanical above the 56th floor.


Not having floors 4, 13, 14, 24, 34, and 44 mean 6 more floors to go, plus of course, nothing will get labelled 54 either. Does anyone from the forum live in the tallest of the HVE towers? How is it numbered? As I am suggesting? Are 55 and 56 called PH1 and PH2 possibly?

Superstitions are whacked.

If I recall correctly when visiting my brother-in-law at HVE D that they skip 4, 13, 14 etc but keep 40-49 (save maybe 44). Didn't understand that. Is four bad only in some circumstances?
I think the reason is that numbers *ending* in four are bad luck in Chinese.

"Some times not so attractive numbers can become attractive when form a phrase: 48: 4 sounds like 'death', when placed in front of the prosperous 8 becomes 'determined to prosper'."

So floors 8 and 48 must be hot sellers.
^hey that actually makes sense! but why would that apply to non-chinese speakers?