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Oct 27, 2018
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So, verging into so bad it's good territory for you? Those are choppy waters!

I've listened to a British movie review podcast for years, Kermode & Mayo to be precise, and they've had a weekly segment resolutely called "So bad it's bad" so that listeners understand that there really are no redeeming features, the segment is not a reverse-psychology you-won't-believe-how-bad-this-is-you'll-laugh-your-ass-off you-gotta-see-it thing, they're sincerely saying nope-not-even-good-enough-bad-to-be-good.

So, this building is that: not so bad that it's good, but so bad that it's just bad. Hold firm @concrete_and_light!

Haha my post was mostly in jest and I agree this definitely so bad it's bad. And also unfortunately so bad it's iconic and emblematic of our city and its absurdly mediocre negligent culture. And so bad it's hilarious in a depressing way that it ever happened. Design Haus... they really called this Design Haus, the absolute absurd confidence of that. I would love to have an interview with the people who made that decision and just unpack that subject 😄
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