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Developers could clean up the office space glut if they would just get creative, providing Live/Work Units in older buildings. The demand for this kind of space is growing logarithmically, but no one seems to be paying attention. It would be a simple matter to re-zone existing buildings that have vacant space to a "mixed use" type; then some of the existing older buildings would gain new life with potentially very creative living space. The ideal would be to transform these buildings into condominium units as well. In short order (2-3 years max), all of Edmonton's vacant downtown office space would be gone and the rationale for new buildings such as this one would be mandated.
No problem @Jarodsc17 … the project is being developed by Alberta Investment Management Company, office at 108th Street and Jasper Avenue. Architecturally speaking, in the realm of elegant office towers, this one will even surpass the beautiful City of Edmonton tower with its elegant curves in the ICE district. An exceptional addition to Edmonton's core!
@Jarodsc17 … these major projects take time to clear the City, so I am only guessing. I suspect that it will start in the fall/winter of 2017 with completion by summer of 2020. The ICE district is going to engender a lot of new construction downtown, especially in the hospitality and residential sectors. I expect you will see announcements for new hotel projects within the next 12 months and a continuation of apartment/condominium announcements on a continual basis. Shrewd developers try to stay ahead of the demand curve, appreciating that a major development takes a solid 3 years to get from idea to approval from the City.
Still hoping this one happens at some point, maybe when the economy recovers again.









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Would be very exciting, but I've always thought it's a tad big? It's a whole block wide... And would another tower be able to fit south of that towards Jasper? Or would that block only ever be occupied by 102 Street Centre? Don't get me wrong, I love the way it looks, just think it could be better from a form factor point of view.
I would like to see the Hudson's Bay building retained -- in fact, I would like to get my hands on that building at some point in the future.