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After the road diet a 30km speed limit + noise and redlight cameras might make Jasper Ave desirable for patios.
Look, I'm all for reduced speeds, but 30km/h on Jasper doesn't make sense. the current 40km/h limit, with a road diet, should work just fine for patios. Right now, even though the limit is 40km/h, no one drives less than 50 because it's wide and there's no radars.
With a road diet, as long as it keeps people under 40km/h, it should be more than enough to be attractive to patios.
It has been 40km/hr for at least 2 years and i don’t recall seeing any enforcement. It seems to be a never ending story from scooters and bikes on sidewalks and fare evasion on transit.
I want the CRUs to succeed in this building as much as anyone, but I'm not eating dinner outside next to a 6-7 lane road. Restaurants that thrive on indoor environments would be better along Jasper Ave. Bars probably make sense here too.
I’m so excited for my Instagram collaboration with The Citizen at the end of August to help them promote the building! I’ll be staying the night to check out all their amenities so I’ll take lots of photos and videos to give you guys an inside look, if there’s any interest in that :)
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Love your post man! What a cool opportunity to check this place out, and as a 19 year old uni student with no money I want to move in :cool:
Drove down Groat Road this morning heading north and the West Downtown/Oliver skyline is starting to look pretty dense now. It's also much more interesting to look at too. This might be my new favorite drive into the core of the city
Reference ID:Job No 495901395-002
Description:To construct Exterior Alterations to a multi-use Commercial/multi-residential building (Canadian National Institute for the Blind) - door locations into the CRU from Jasper Ave are proposed to be modified and two new doors added along 120st. The CRU's have been combined to use by a single tenant under approved Change of Use Permit #477617645-002, reference BP application #405428704-004.
Location:10110 - 120 STREET NW
Plan 2020675 Blk 20 Lot 1A

[29] The Pearl building is 36 storeys high plus a mechanical penthouse and the offending building, the Citizen on Jasper, is 33 storeys high plus a mechanical penthouse.
[31] This is a case of light intensity, light trespass and constantly changing light colours. Following a meeting and discussions between the parties some steps were taken. The number of colour changes has been reduced but the building owner has reserved the right to do seasonal light displays. Dynamic light displays have been stopped for the time being. The review of photographs taken after these steps demonstrate that even at half power, the Appellant’s suite is still lit up by the light array. At this height, there is no impact from street lights or lighting at the bottom portion of the Citizen building which are at street level and directed downwards. All of the lighting is emanating and created by the light array on top of the Citizen building. It is entering and trespassing into the Appellant’s suite even at half power.
[32] Even if this Board is satisfied that half power and no changing colours is a solution you have to find in favour of the appeal because these restrictions are not included as part of the Development Permit approval. Therefore, some sort of Order would be required.
[33] A photograph illustrated reflective light in the windows from the light array. The reflective light is softer than the direct light. A photo taken with blinds designed to cut out ambient light drawn, illustrates that even at half power the light is not eliminated. Drawing the blinds or leaving lights on to counteract the impact is not the answer.
[34] Photographs taken on November 27, 2023, from the other side of the river near the U of A, over 1.2 kilometres away and from his office in the Stantec Tower illustrate the brightness of the light array on top of the Citizen building. This confirms that the lighting is very intense. Even though the fins for this lighting may have been well intended it has had some serious ramifications.
[35] The letter from the Architect explains that the light array was designed to prevent light from the array escaping upwards or downwards past horizontal in the interest of reducing sky glow. The design has the light focussed and lensed to project outward from the building with almost all of the energy from the light source directed at the horizontal. For a stand alone application it was probably not a bad plan because it would be higher than almost any other building in the area. However, the flaw in this plan is that the Citizen building is 33 storeys tall and the Pearl building is 36 storeys tall and only 40 to 50 metres away. Therefore, the light is focussed, lensed and projected directly into the most desirable units in the Pearl building. It is intense and even at half power, blinds that otherwise shut out ambient light do not shut out the light from this display. Even drawing blinds that are designed to shut out ambient light do not shut out the light generated by this display.