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^ agreed... it's going to be honestly staggering what this neighbourhood will look in 2024 verses what it looked like in 2014. Edgewater, Muttart Crossing Rd, new LRT station, and Stadium Yards.

I wonder if we'll potentially see more tower development along east Jasper Ave there around 83rd st even....
FAR designation
Floor Area Ratio -- it is the ratio of the sum of all floor areas in a building to the size of a lot. If one is building on a 100' X 100' lot for example (or 10,000 sq.ft.) then the total allowable floor area for the building would be 7 times (FAR 7) that or 70,000 square feet. This particular parcel looks to be about 200' X 250' = 50,000 sq. ft. If so, the allowable building size (not including parking areas and mechanical and service areas) would be 350,000 sq. ft. If, for example, we assume (hate that word) a floor plate of 20,000 sq. ft. then the allowable building height (also assuming no other restrictions) would be 17 floors. If the typical floor plate is 15,000 sq. ft. then the allowable height would be 23 floors. It might be safe to suggest this tower will be between 17 and 23 floors.