I was talking to the guy at milwoods last week who works in training he said they are looking to start operations anytime between April to June if everything goes right so maybe next month

I hope this happens although I won't be holding my breath.
It looks like frequency is less than 10 minutes (more like 7 or 8). Or approaching five min


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Looks like the EB track may be the only landing track (off-peak).
There's usually a preferred routing at terminus stations, and as you have observed, that preferred routing is to crossover to the outbound track in advance of arrival at the terminus.
Seemed to be no trains on line today? Figures, the day that I kind of/ sort of headed out to see what the testing was looking like rather than my usual spotting's around MWTC on my commute.
I did find that derails, grounding cables, and barricades were in place at the north end of the guideway. Not sure what the reason was for the guideway being shut down. Did spot a few other TransEd/ WPE crews working with in the RoW. Perhaps today was just a maintenance day after a few days of simulated ops.
from the website linked in the tweet: "System Demonstration is expected to start later this month". beyond that, there appears to be several phases of service-level testing, frequencies, and more training. the webpage is otherwise pretty scant on figures, just the usual content about testing and safety. looking at the little 'project trackmap' thing they have posted, we have a couple months of testing to go, at least.