There were problems like this when the South LRT was built. There is learning curve, even if people learn the hard way.

I'm not sure about the number of people that will switch from cars to LRT. It might be more like people switching from buses, to start. The LRT is also convenient, which will gradually win new customers. When you don't have to park downtown, the LRT is quite attractive.
It also really doesn't help that we are in this prolonged twilight zone of its not running yet, but it is. The excruciating delays have caused a lot of problems.


I don't think that'll buff out. I didn't get back with my camera soon enough to catch a picture of the truck that smoked it.
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This is not excusable! I can KINDA get my head around something happening close to the front of the train, when it's something like a very close call and you can blame someone for thinking "there was enough time" this was dead on the middle of the train, you can't blame it on lack of signaling or anything.