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Sep 22, 2015
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Client: Francis Winspear Centre for Music
Size: 58,000 sq. ft.
Project Value: $79 Million
Architect: Architecture | Tkalcic Bengart Coordinating Professional of Record with Bing Thom Architects as design and technical resource.

As the Francis Winspear Centre for Music approaches its 20th year as one of Edmonton’s arts jewels in the downtown core, the organization is seeking to fulfill the City’s original requirements for the land and serve long-term needs identified by the community. What is now a surface parking lot will be transformed into a mixed-use building that integrates immersive arts experiences with practical commercial uses, including a childcare centre, with approximately 58,000 sq. ft. of additional cultural space.

The Winspear Centre Completion Project will feature a 540-seat multi-use acoustic hall, studio space, flexible education and programming space and improved support space for the users of the entire facility. This project will become the home base for the community programming offered through the Tommy Banks Place for Musical Creativity and allow increased capacity for education, outreach and partnership with sister arts organizations and business partners.


Source: Atb Architecture


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Edmonton Winspear centre left off provincial funding list
The Winspear Centre was left off Alberta's list of funded projects last week, but the centre’s executive director says that hasn't struck a sour note.

The provincial budget included a long list of funded infrastructure projects, but for the first time also included what didn’t make the cut — and that included $13 million for the long-discussed expansion of the Winspear.

Annemarie Petrov, the Winspear’s executive director, said even being on the unfunded list is a step forward.

“We’re very encouraged that we are on the list, because what it signifies is that we have met all the criteria for funding and that is really significant,” she said.

Full Story (Metro Edmonton)
Low dollar parks $25-million robotic parking at Edmonton's Winspear Centre
The Winspear Centre’s robotic parking garage has been scratched from its expansion plans, the victim of a low Canadian dollar.

Instead, the concert centre’s expansion plans will include a parkade — 142 spots where you drive in and park yourself.

Automation would have allowed room for 380 cars and brought in $1 million a year, Winspear officials said.

But they bet on a Canadian dollar being no more expensive than $1.25 US. When its value kept sinking, they pulled the plug.

Full Story (Edmonton Journal)
I have a really good connection with SyncPark out of NYC -- they would probably build a better automated garage than what was planned, self-finance the build-out, and share revenues with Winspear if I only knew who to connect with. SyncPark -- http://www.syncpark.co -- I am good friends with the CEO Andrew Hayes.
Edmonton’s Winspear searching for $13M from Alberta government to expand
Edmonton’s Winspear Centre is looking to the provincial government to help fund a $53-million dollar project for training, education and programming spaces.

Instead of calling it an expansion project, the Winspear says this is a completion project that would add an education wing on the back where a parking lot currently sits, as well as a small hall that would seat 500 to 600 people.
“It was actually a part of the original plan when the community came together to build the Winspear,” Director of Musical Creativity Alison Kenny-Gardhouse said. “We’re really working towards the realization of that dream and completing the original plan.”

The plan is to receive $13 million in funding each from the municipal, provincial and federal governments. When that is secured, an additional $14 million would need to be fundraised from the public.

The City of Edmonton has already committed $13 million. The next step is to receive funding from the provincial government.


Winspear Centre asks province for $13 million to complete downtown music hub
Unfortunately for art projects, health/education is going to take priority, especially while the province is in the red. :(
Edmonton's Winspear Centre turning 20 and eyeing expansion
He was a trumpet player, dreamer, schmoozer and accountant and when Francis Winspear set his mind to something, it generally got done.

That why after decades of pushing for a new concert hall and pouring $6 million of his own money into the project, the Francis Winspear Centre for Music opened in downtown Edmonton in September 1997.

Twenty years later organizers are planning not only an anniversary bash, but also a $53 million expansion.

The plan is to expand into the parking lot behind the building on the west side of 97th Street between 102nd and 102A avenues, said Annemarie Petrov, executive director of the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra and the Winspear Centre.

The expansion was always part of the plan, she said.

The so-called Winspear Completion Project features a 540-seat multi-use acoustic hall, studio, and education and programming spaces.

Edmonton, AB (March 22, 2018) – The Winspear Centre is thrilled with today's announcement of financial support for the Winspear completion project. We would like to express our sincere thanks to the provincial government not only for their financial support for the project but for their support for the dream this project involves.

“This announcement is exciting and a major step towards the realization of a home for music for the entire community,” said Annemarie Petrov, Winspear Centre President & CEO. “This is also the fulfillment, and what we call the completion, of Dr. Francis Winspear’s original dream that built the Winspear Centre in 1997.”

“We are now past the halfway point in this journey in terms of funds raised,” continued Petrov. “Together with our board of directors and the support of Edmontonians, we look forward to the day we welcome the community into Edmonton’s creative hub for music. Tommy Banks would be proud.”

For more information on the Winspear Completion, visit: https://www.winspearcentre.com/about/aboutwinspear/winspear-completion

Media Contact:
Konstantine Kurelias
Communications and PR
Winspear Centre
e: kkurelias@winspearcentre.com
c: 780-554-9868

About the Winspear Completion Project:
  • 600 seat flex-use midsize acoustic hall
  • Childcare centre
  • Underground parkade
  • Multifunctional spaces and commercial space
  • Creation of 2,500 - 3,000 employment opportunities during construction, including 1,500 direct full-time jobs and 200 trades and labour jobs
  • 1,800 spinoff jobs in creative and related sectors once operational
  • Eco-friendly power through District Energy partnership with Enmax.
  • Key investment in city-building that connects Downtown to The Quarters
  • Return $1.84 in economic benefit (tourism, service industry, job creation) for every dollar invested