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Nov 30, 2015
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New design. Construction expected to begin this Fall.

Fargo city commission approves tax breaks for $98 million Block 9 project downtown

The decision was not unanimous but Fargo city commissioners have approved $15.5 million in tax breaks to developers of the downtown Block 9 project. The $98 million, 18-story building at Second Avenue North and Broadway will include office and retail space, an 88 room hotel, condo's, a 340 spot parking ramp and a renovated city plaza.

Scott Neal, president of RDO Properties, whose company is one of the partners in the project, told commissioners without the tax incentives, RDO, would not be involved. RDO's office will have 300 to 350 employees. Another 30,000 squre feet of office space will house 100 employees. Neal says the economic impact to downtown hasn't been calculated yet but he says it will be significant.