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Sweet. Di Ianni's been largely responsible for paving the Red Hill Creek for his buddies in the sprawl industry and in trucking, with cutbacks in most other areas to pay for it, including the HSR.

Hamilton city council votes to charge mayor
Mar. 6, 2006. 06:40 PM

HAMILTON — Hamilton mayor Larry Di Ianni is being charged for allegedly accepting illegal campaign donations, CHCH-TV reported tonight

In what's believed to be a first in Ontario, Hamilton city council has voted to charge its own mayor with violating the province's Election Act, the TV station reported

A lawyer for city council will swear out charges in court against Di Ianni, CH said.

Di Ianni has already refunded nearly $26,000 in donations from his 2003 mayoral campaign after his own investigation and a two-part audit ordered by the court.

A judge could fine Di Ianni or even order his removal from office unless he was found to be acting in good faith and the errors were unintentional.

Word of the charges came just hours after Di Ianni announced he would seek re-election this fall.

"I will deal with the legality of this in the court of law," said Di Ianni. "I will take my lumps, if I have to take my lumps," he told CH.
lumps? i think he listens to too much black eyed peas.
Yeah, and he probably did this when Council made its vote