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Wow is right ... that is a sexy looking building! We need more like this in the city ... too many are plain green glass boxes. Anyone know if this is sure thing ?
Nothing is 100% for sure but they are building a sales centre in anticipation that it is a sure thing.
is it just me or does the corner start out as a right angle and then become acute? cause if its the real deal (and not an illusion) sweet building!
^Yes, there is a remarkable Escher like quality to this render which would ultra cool in real life!
Or rather the south facing part of the mass that continues up to the top is obtuse with its east face, judging by the black line in the corner of the south podium terrace. Either way, it is very Escher-like. Very Attractive.
Or maybe its acute at the bottom to. Because it's parallel to the road corner, which is apparently acute.