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Future Retail 2,225 s.f.
Residential (93 units) 90,000 s.f.
Total GFA 92,100 s.f.
Completion goal: Q3 2025, commercial Q1 2026.

Steps away from the Ottawa River, in Ottawa’s thriving neighbourhood of Westboro, this brand-new, mixed-use development will be home to 936 SF of premium retail space.

Addressing the demand for new condominium developments in the area, this 9-storey building at the intersection of Richmond Road and Island Park Drive will also include 103 residential units. Residents will be able to benefit from the excellent 100 bike score, 90 walk score, and 75 transit score. Construction is estimated to begin in Q1 2024.

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There are vans for a building moving company on site right now. They look close to moving it, which means we should see this break ground pretty soon! I wonder when the car lot across the street will get developed.
There were 3 pickups around the site today and they have fenced it all including that little house. I expect we will see it get underway shortly.
CDS building movers onsite. This am saw them with a small backhoe digging dirt out of the garage section. The exterior walls had already been dug out to access the foundation. Looked like they had poured cement to help lift & move as well.
House being torn down today (right now). Disappointing more material wasn't salvaged. Can see the top ridge of the house missing in the photo.

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