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originally I thought robarts was built as a refuge from some sort of interuniversity attack, a fort to fight back the barbarian hordes from York or McMaster. That's how I rationalized the lack of entrances/exits, the limited west side access etc. if that is the case, this expansion does nothing to make it more battle ready.
Robarts has always been one of my favourite buildings in the city.
Just about everything that everyone hates about it - and brutalism in general - I've always loved.
Sorry. I love it.
God help me, I do love it so.
I also like Robarts. This addition is in the right place (behind the library on the West side where space is not well used). I wonder what they will do with the loading docks that are there now. For the St. George facing part of the library, I wish they had created an outdoor piazza and street oriented food court and student hang-out spot where there are presently giant ditches that look like a dry moat around a castle.
Although brutalism in general is not very appealing , I find the monolithic nature of Robarts to be kind of endearing and iconic. The building may look like some sort of jail, but it has its merits. The proposed addition totally clashes with the existing building and looks too busy.
Jesus Christ...
I almost want to go out to protest against this ridiculous addition devastates one side of the monument in my lovely campus.
I'd rather see Robarts without this hideous add-on piece of crap.
While any addition is good... they should digitize their collections to free up space.

do you have nay idea how hard it is to read 600 pages of Karl Marx off a computer screen? Books are essential. I go here and don't need to spen anymore time burning my retinas.