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Whenever I hear people say "government should be run like a business," I wonder, which business? Nortel? Blackberry? Bombardier? I hate to imagine what things would be like if every call to a government office was like calling customer service at Rogers. And there's the issue of debt-financing. The Financial Post used to publish lists of Canada's most indebted companies in its FP500. Some of the numbers on those chart would throw chills down the spines of government deficit hawks. Anyway....

With all due repsect, LMVDR, I don't think we want governments to operate as businesses. They're different animals. What we do want is for both government and business to operate with sound fiscal disciplines. Both public sector and private sector organizations can often be found wanting on that front.

Actually you can and should run the gov as a business. That’s the problem. The Liberal era has destroyed Ontario’s credit rating because of its fiscal irresponsibility and an NDP gov would make matters exponentially worse.

You’re correct Ford has not costed out a lot of his policies. But his intentions are pro business. That mindset will produce better pro business policies and will serve this province well in the long run. A business leader in public office always bests an academic or idealogue.

The Bob Rae gov most certainly did cause the recession. Directly. And I knew businesses people from that time who suffered tremendously as a result of that flagrantly anti business ideology. They companies crumbled and their personal lives were destroyed. All because Rae sucked the life out of Ontario businesses.

We cannot repeat that mistake again. I would much rather see a Wynne-less Liberal party in power.
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Watching the debate and have to stop myself yelling at the TV, Doug is still unable to layout his platform and keeps on telling everyone HE, WE have the best platform. So far Kathleen & Andrea are out debating the Fraud.
Dougie found out the meaning of cluster-fuck last night. The "sexist" labeling was fun.
Would we be able to buy a buck-a-beer at the stations or on the trains?

Yeaaaaah...ok, how far east in Europe do you think this next regime here will take us?

We can all dream of such adult options for adults, but we're not adults on this continent.
Today some guy told me that "Ford was the man vote" In no uncertain terms I replied to this idiot "That women had a vote too and mine was not going to be wasted to that prick"

Nice one!

I'm a man and I have no idea wtf yon dude was talking about. Real men know how to think.