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Great recap of an amazing year! :)
Toronto tantalizes. The recap sums up neatly one of the reasons I look forward visiting the city whenever I get the chance.
great job and an amazing year for developments. I just hope we get a supertall skyscraper before we bid for the olympics. i'm fantazising two 400 foot twin towers.
Great list though we have had some great proposals, let's see if the One Bloor one gets off the ground like it's supposed to in March..
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Can't wait to see most of these complete by 2015's Pan Am Games; it'll be a great showcase trailer in marketing the games and Toronto to the world!
Very well done. But is anyone else getting tired of the way they exaggerate the imposing angles of the upper floors of towers - such as in the One Bloor, Bisha, and Tableau renderings? It was a nice effect at the beginning but it has become very shameless as of late.
Someone who creates these renderings for a living could describe this better, but the exaggerated angles of the upper floors has something to do with the sides of the buildings remaining vertical in the renderings. While in reality we would see the buildings narrow as the tops recede into the distance from our viewpoint, marketers don't want the tops of buildings to appear small, or for the details to disappear. It all makes for a slightly strange effect, but one that I get the feeling that it is not going to go away anytime soon!