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Took these pics today.

the HSL (high speed line) under construction, which will run from Amsterdam to Paris when it's completed, with a 20 minute gain, compared with the current travel time between Amsterdam and Paris

From the top floor of these towers (where the City Planning Department is located) I took the next skyline pics.

Rotterdam's skyline.

Zoomed in @ the CBD.

The port of the world's second largest port city.

All following pics were taken Downtown.

Does this remind you of Toronto?

That's City Hall to the left.

The Westin Hotel.

That's all, hope you enjoyed!
Thanks ronald, your posts from Rotterdam are much appreciated.

Btw, Dutch Architecture/Urban Design firms are all the rage in TO nowadays - they (KCAP and West 8) are involved in a good chunk of our waterfront proposals.


When you come to Toronto we will have to direct you to some great pubs. They may not match what you have in Holland but the beer is cold and the food hits the spot.

What type of food is served in Dutch pubs?
Good pictures as usual ronald, especially the first one of the high-speed train line. We don't have any such thing here. :(
Thank for the updates.

Look at the width of that bike lane!!! Joeycuppa, you like that one!
Thanks for your replies everyone!

Nice to hear our architects get the honour of designing a bit of Toronto. KCAP has projects all over Holland.

Mr Ottawa, the food served in our bars tends to be the same everywhere I go: fried cheese soufflés, bitterballen, kroketten, frikandellen, and sanwiches. It's nice but for really good food, I go to the Irish Pub :)

In my province there's an extensive network of cycling paths. The idea behid this network, is that every town should be connected to every other town by bike. Bike is a common mode of transportation, I used the bike for 6 years to get from my home to the local Highschool.