Will be a nice addition to the Seattle skyline.

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FAA says proposed 102-story tower is too tall

The Federal Aviation Administration has sent a "notice of presumed hazard" to the developer who has proposed building a 102-story building at Fourth Avenue and Columbia Street in downtown Seattle.
"Initial findings of this study indicate that the structure as described exceeds obstruction standards and/or would have an adverse physical or electromagnetic interference effect upon navigable air space or air navigation facilities," states the notice that the FAA sent to the developer last month.

According to the notice, the tower is 1,117 feet above ground level, and that could interfere with operations at Boeing Field. In addition, the height of the construction crane for an even a shorter tower could interfere with helicopter flights to and from Harborview Medical Center, the notice states.

The FAA wrote that if the developer, Miami-based Crescent Heights Inspirational Living, reduced the building to 965 feet tall, the proposal, whose working name is 4/C, would get "a favorable determination."
Alright, we did some digging.

The FAA stated it would approve a 302-metre, 992-foot revised proposal — measured from the ground level on the building's western corner along Columbia Street between 3rd and 4th Avenues — which would still make it the tallest building in the city. Each corner is assessed individually by the FAA and more significant restrictions have been placed on the rest of the site, the shortest of which is a 965-foot limit at 4th Avenue and Cherry Street. The current tallest building, Columbia Center, was also slapped with a height decrease from the FAA when it was originally proposed.
4/C is not likely to be built any time soon. Urban Visions is also close to scrapping the 888 2nd Avenue project as well, since they're not getting the kind of interest they want.

But hey, at least we're filling out the north end with a plateau of high-rises.