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Northern Light

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May 20, 2007
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This one popped up as an active file on the Lobbyist registry today. It was actually opened in 2021, but slipped under my radar.

For those not in the know, this church is an architectural gem, and a regular on Doors Open tours over the years, I take for granted there is no proposal to mess w/the heritage building, as there is room on the site for something more.

First, the Registry Entry, then a look at the site, and discussion:


Now, an aerial view of the property, which fronts both Gladstone and Dufferin


Gladstone frontage (Streetview):



Dufferin frontage:


Interior of St. Anne's on Gladstone:


Credit 'Snuffy' on Flickr

Both buildings has some heritage protection on the register, oddly it's 651 that shows as full designation, and the much more important building on Gladstone shows only as 'listed'.

The footprint of the L-Shaped parking is a bit over 12,000ft2, but its width is pretty narrow in spots and it's bounded by the heritage and some SFH.

Not sure what St. Anne's has in mind here............
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One of my favourite churches in the city. Had a nice conversation with the head pastor a number of years ago during an art exhibit there. He explained the ongoing struggles related to maintaining the building, so it would be logical to perhaps sell off the parking lot to increase cash flow. I seriously doubt there would be any attempt to alter the church itself, but that does happen occasionally (Cielo)...
I really hope it's only the parking lot and not the church that is being developed! There is currently an interesting site-specific exhibition in the church by the Nethermind artist collective..also the interior of the church features artworks by members of the Group of Seven depicting events of the Old and New Testaments - which is visible behind behind Catherine Heard's sculpture in the attached pic..
Just bumped the thread because because I am just discovering this space. Btw Craig Pike’s theatre company is putting on a play here so now I have another chance to put my money where my mouth is!

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That was my church growing up and sang in the choir as well being an alter boy. The last time I was there, it was in poor shape and sad to hear this.