nice project. if they continue the terracotta on the balconies side as well that will be cherry on top.
This is shaping up to be one of the top intersections for condo architecture in the city. Such a nice variety of designs and materials and the fact the Peter/Richmond isn't your typical 4 approach intersection helps make it more dynamic. I'm happy the colour scheme has been revised to this terra cotta, it fits better with 401 Richmond and QRC and moves away from the dark brick that has become all too common just south of here.
The base is still way too busy. I like the use of red brick, but they need to simplify things.
Anytime anything in the entertainment district turns from the black and grey boring to red warm brick true to the neighbourhood architecture is welcoming!
Considering this is one of Aoyuan's most recent acquisition in the Toronto market and more in the earlier stages of development, I'm curious if this may end up being a speculated divestment:

Two Chinese property companies with major Canadian condominium projects under development were hit with another credit downgrade this week, a sign of their weakening financial position amid China’s property-market downturn.

S&P also reduced China Aoyuan Group Ltd.’s debt assessment this week to B from B+, saying it expected the developer to have a harder time reducing its debt levels.

“We downgraded Aoyuan because we expect its deleveraging pace to slow amid a tough operating environment. The company’s reduced visibility on revenue growth and continued margin pressure will hinder deleveraging efforts,” S&P said.

Like Greenland, Aoyuan is also under pressure to refinance its debt. A significant share of Aoyuan’s debt is maturing next year. S&P said the developer’s debt-reduction plans could include divesting projects.

Aoyuan is working on three major developments in Canada; a project in north Toronto that includes five condo towers and office and retail space; a project in Burnaby, B.C., that also includes five condo towers and office and retail space; and a 44-storey condo building in Surrey.
Just a suggestion:

Albeit the potential uncertainties on Aoyuan's future, this site has already been sold by Carlyle. Should the thread title/database entry be renamed to the address used for the application instead for the time being?
Aoyuan is still in charge here and despite potential issues with the parent company in China, are still managing the the application and the property management of the site. I don't think there's any sense in removing them from the title.
JW Livey has registered to lobby on this one, on behalf of Aoyuan.
Does anyone know what is the status of this building is? Has it been successfully rezoned? the lot size is very very small, I passed by yesterday it looks like something is going to be built