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Oct 5, 2022
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If you or anyone else reading this knows of any Hamilton proposals that currently do not have a database file or thread, feel free to start a thread or message me (hover over my name, click 'start conversation') and a database page will be made.

From ssp this one has started excavation
129-131 Wellington Street North: a 4 & 4-storey* rental back-to-back stacked townhouse development designed by RAW Design for Woven Quarter Properties (operating as "WQ (Wellington St. N.) GP Inc") on the northwest corner of Wellington Street North and Kelly Street in Hamilton's Beasley neighbourhood.

Building permits have been issued as of 2022.

Latest rendering from the Revitalizing Hamilton Tax Increment Grant Program (RHTIG) Application of January 2023:
PED23004 - REVISED-3.jpg

*Note that while it is has been referred to as 3-storeys, we consider this a 4-storey building:
Great looking project, looks like It'll integrate into the area quite nicely.

It is very exciting to see the infill of Hamilton slowly take place. I imagine this might've been what it was like in Toronto 20 years ago. Now we get to see it documented in real-time.