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Aug 25, 2020
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2023 Formal Consultation on this address with the following description:
To develop the subject lands with a 17-storey mixed use, multiple dwelling consisting of 175 residential units and 3 commercial units at grade with a total of 132 parking spaces including 104 underground spaces and 28 podium spaces.

Google Street View of the property as of April 2023:
Awesome location, basically at the corner of James and Barton, and around 300 metres to the GO station. Great to see this area gaining some traction since the opening of West Harbour.

Here's the site on Google Maps:
Screenshot 2023-07-13 213442.png
Ridiculous amount of parking proposed. The city needs to abolish parking minimums yesterday. This is 300m from GO, which will become one of Hamiltons busiest HSR bus terminals, plus 900 metres from future LRT.
great to see, but i'll echo the other users sentiments and say there's too much parking for this one.

i love that they're keeping retail/commercial at the base as Barton should be walkable. Public transit in that immediate area is very good. the #2 bus comes every couple of minutes, the GO Train is 300m away. Get rid of 2/3 of that parking.
That's where I've been keeping an eye. I didn't see this one, and neither did a few others I know that look. It appears on the map, but I'm having a hard time seeing it in the list. Is there a better way to view the list to see these when they come up, or are people just downloading the CSV file and reviewing that?
That’s a question for @Paclo… I sent him the project address but not a link like that one. A good trick is to just google the associated code from the map, but it isn’t foolproof.