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May 20, 2007
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According to the lobbyist registry this one is in play.

This is the site of an existing hirise apartment building on the west side of Bathurst, roughly opposite Drewry (btw Finch and Steeles)

Details for Subject Matter Registration: SM32214​

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155 Antibes Drive redevelopment

This is TenBlock

Aerial pic:


Existing site, at-grade (from Emporis)


Site size: A whopping 1.9ha or just shy of 5 acres.
Glad to see more site porosity. Would be nice to push the northern townhouse block south and have a larger contiguous park space.
Great to see the city is still allowing "building in the park" site plans /s. This is terrible.
This significantly reduces the underused green space on this Tower-in-the-Park site through new density. What would you have done differently here?

In my mind, a better approach would've been to integrate the new buildings with the existing building through a cohesive park/paths/at-grade amenity area. Also, there's no reason why the new buildings need direct road access; they could've had a roundabout for dropoffs and a common entrance to the garage immediately off of the stub that joins Bathurst. My understanding is that they did this to accommodate the new townhouses, which required the removal of the existing building's access road. If that's the case, then at the very least, the new road that joins Bathurst could simply continue to the existing building's garage. There's no need for it to have T intersection to join Don Lake Gate. This would still provide emergency access to both buildings, while the corner building could be served directly from Don Lake Gate.
Great to see the seas of lawn and parking being slowly built up along this strip of Bathurst. It'd be nice to see some small retail here as well for when the strip malls are gone
Agree. This area would benefit from more walkable retail and other amenities. Some refreshing of the area along this stretch would help to improve the bleakness of the streetscape. Widen the sidewalks on Bathurst, too -- there are many pedestrians with strollers and pull carts competing for space.