I wonder what window cleaners will think of the zip-zagging.
I imagine the top bits will be easier to clean, but more prone to get dirty. While the bottoms parts will be more problematic, but they won't get as dirty.
From Bremner - side note, I just really love honey locust trees. Not native from what I gather, but they grow so dang well here. They all look really healthy and they turn the most lovely shade of yellow in the fall.

If they are not cultivars, they are near-natives.


from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Honey_locust#/media/File:Gleditsia_triacanthos_range_map.jpg

So native to Windsor and Pt. Pelee roughly

We're just a smidge to the north of their true range.

They are indeed remarkably urban tolerant. The favourite species for parking lots!

Edit to Add: In the case of those in your pic, they've actually been given pretty good planting conditions. Already a healthy size, I think they may well double over the next 10 years or so.
Photos taken Tuesday evening, June 14th. Lots of activity over the past few days. Both cranes have climbed again, the external crane has a new building anchor at around the 42/43 floor. They started on the next set of columns in the South East corner and I believe from the shape at the top of these columns it will be the start of the next inlet when the next set of columns go up. I believe with the new columns installed today it's at the 42 floor and the core is at about floor 44. For reference on the north side the top construction trailer office is hanging off the 32nd floor.

what will be the final height of the tower in that last pic? till the control cabin of the crane?
No, the cab is about right. RBC is 121' taller than Simcoe Place (607' vs 486'), and 160 Front is about 180' taller than RBC (787' vs 607'). So the height difference between 160 Front and RBC is about 1.5x the height difference between Simcoe Place and RBC. That'd put it somewhere around the cab of the crane.