I saw this in person yesterday and as awful as it looks in the picture....its looks worse in real life. The small windows, the lack of texture and detail, the horrible colour and the complete absence of architecture (big "A" and small), will continue this building's tradition as being something worthy of being knocked down and replaced.
August 28th: More cladding up. It appears that the north wall will retain its brick finish

I imagine that's simply because they have no choice. The north side of the building is pressed right up against the condo to the north of it (I think it's called symphony tower or something), and there would be no room to remove the brick and replace it.
This is shaping up to be "disaster of 2012" in Toronto. Gawd, they could have just left the brick alone.
I wonder if the condo to the north will ever be reclad? Talk about the worst aspects of trying to "fit in" with an earlier architectural style!
You think they might've tried to make the glass match up with Symphony Place? They're both very light
Sept 11: