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Apr 25, 2007
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SW corner of Yonge and Roselawn in the Yonge & Eg area. Currently an older building with a BMO and parking space in the back.

Ward 16 - North York District

Zoning Amendment application to permit 5-storey commercial development consisting of 3,417.5 square metres of retail gross floor area on the first three floors and a 1,496.5 square metre restaurant on the fourth and fifth floor, including outdoor patio.
Blast. I often sit on the steps enjoying my Jedd's frozen custard.
There was a community meeting on this last night, where besides the proponents - Knightstone with the project architect from DSAI, there was one member of the community and a contractor.

Possibly 1 floor gym, a couple lawyer offices, dentist and some other.I see it as a more locally oriented commercial development, but indeed it is a strange project
Losing this building in its entirety would be a shame.
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I wonder if we're going to see a mid-town Earl's or Cactus Club at this location. Non-main floor locations are par for the course for them in Vancouver.
The site of the Y&E Future shop at 2400 Yonge has sold, and is in the process of being put together in a land assembly with adjacent properties. Assemblies include 2430 Yonge and 35 Roselawn. More to come likely. No applications yet. Assembly purchased so far for 42.5 mill. (rounded)

Didn't see any threads. Feel free to merge if there is one existing.
Pretty much a low-rise area.

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well accept that the post office one block south is going 30 floors, the strip south of that is going high-rise, and there is 30 Roe nearby at 33 floors. That said, i am hoping for a mid-rise.