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Oct 21, 2019
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Ward 20 - Scarborough District

Development Applications

Development comprising of a 33 storey residential development with below grade parking on Block 1.

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Ward 20 - Scarborough District

Development Applications

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On balance, not looking forward to development of these lands.

First, because it's a huge 'natural' space including wetlands and meadow habitat, and is well patronized by area residents.

The natural was never intended, nor has it been assisted at all, and as such there are a number of issues with it; but nothing that couldn't be addressed.

Second, because the density is at the wrong end of the site.

If this combined area were to be redeveloped, the density should all be up against Victoria Park, where there is a second bus route; a subway station within 3 blocks or so, and a critical mass of shopping as well.

Instead we get density slanted to the east side of the site, where there is only a 20M bus route, shopping is a 5-10M walk, and the subway station just a bit too far for most to consider it walkable (about 1km and change).

At the end of the day, it'll be fine. But this could have been so much better.

Largely the fault of Conservatory Group who declined a land-swap with the City.

Though let's also add that density on the eastern lands was in place going back decades and predicated on the Scarborough Expressway running through here.

I'm not sure i understand how zoning like that wasn't made conditional and therefore of no force and effect when the highway wasn't built.

Here's a neat picture from before the nature or the plaza; when this site was largely a quarry, in 1958


Image Credit: http://www.yorku.ca/anderson/envs3740/quarrylands.pdf

Perspective is facing west from Warden Avenue at the bottom of the picture.

The railyard in the distance began at Victoria Park Avenue and ran to Main Street.

The factory complex on the north side of the rail yard was the Ford Factory before it moved to Oakville. It is still standing at part of the 'Shopper's World' complex and is primarily a Lowe's now.
Interesting - this is also essentially where Symmetry's Tree House Lofts didn't work out a couple of years ago. I wonder who's putting forward 33 storeys of condos in the same area?
With increased frequency to the 135 bus, I think this area could sustain higher density.

I wish there was more cooperation across the area between the various land-owners. Highest density should be at Victoria Park.
The Conservatory Group & Richmond Architects:




Don't you just love massing models/renderings where they couldn't even bother to put the design in context?

This is the kind of design that shows up in Markham and we roll our eyes on.
The Conservatory Group & Richmond Architects:

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Wrong side of this site to begin with, though that argument is a lost cause; this density should have been up against Victoria Park, not at the far east end, much further from retail and walkability and more frequent transit.

That aside, if you must put this density on this side................this is bland, sterile and adds nothing to its surroundings.

I honestly hope this doesn't sell and they lose their shirts on it.

Would serve them right.
This was never the exact site of the Symmetry project. That project was across the street at 2535 Gerrard East.

This site, like most Conservatory sites, has been owned by them and zoning approved for years and years. They have a huge portfolio of zoning approved sites that they are very, ever so slowly building out with exactly the same Richmond schlock.
Very mundane circa 2005 design.

This will have quite the impact on the east end skyline. I anticipate a lot of local NIMBYism from the adjacent Blantyre neighbourhood.