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Apr 25, 2007
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The section between Dundas St and King St on the east side of Confederation Dr will see an 18 story Condo with a 3 floor base with retail at ground level. There will be 88 3 story townhouse as well 2 semi`s.

There is no name for this project and it is own by 675553 Ontario Limite and The City of Mississauga. It went before Planning and Development back in March asking for higher density and was given it. Best we will see is 1,000 residents in total and that pushing it.

The existing 8 story offic tower will be torn down shortly this month. The existing Libaray and old City Hall is gone or in the process of been torn down.

The 5 house or should say 2 that have people living in them as the rest are offices will remain on King St. They should be torn down for a total make over of this block.

The 2 building to the west of the tower will remain and should come down to allow the 3 floor base to give beter use of the land.

The Corner of Dundas and Confederation will become a park even though the plans show the building remaining.

If some of the land on King St as well the other property was bought for this project, we could have seen another tower or 2 with higher density.

A lot of mature trees will be lost with this development.



Looking North From King St

Looking south from Dundas

Looking west on Dundas. Light against me.

These need to go and be part of the base

Looking north from the centre

Looking west from centre

Looking South

Looking east


Ya right! They're tearing down this office building? I really like it, despite it not being looked after.
It isn't a great location for an office building though.
Didn't the inside of that office building get renovated recently? It will be sad to see it go. I too like it. Its a shame they couldn't include it in the new project.
July 7

They are stripping the inside of the tower and it to start coming down in Aug.

All the asphalt on the site has been remove and totally fence off now.



I'm not really liking this site plan. They would be better building a 4-6 storey podium with retail all along Dundas and portions of Conferderation with two or three condos in the rear. Buy out the 4 properties on King & Confederation, and build 4 storeys executive townhomes along Confederation and King. Then cut the property with a north-south arterial.
I agree Jarrek. That would be much better.
I wonder how they are going to bring this down? By explosive demolition maybe? That would be neat to see.
Aug 26 Final night

The office building should be history by Aug 27 as only this section remain to come down. Nigh setting on it for the final time.



Oct 1

Odd they are storing the rubble on site to the south-east. Looks odd not seeing that building in the skyline as well a hole in the ground for it.
There is a public meeting at City Hall at 7:00 pm on June 11 for this project.

The project is being down graded to 117 Townhouses and 23 Mainstreet retail commercial live/work units.

Address for this project is now 90-110 Dundas St W & Confederation Parkway. Part of King St is also part of this project.

Unless tall buildings in this area are apartment, it going to be a decade or 2 before condo will make an in road in this area.
This plan has gone south to the point there a huge list of agreement that must be enter into by 6755553 Ontario Ltd (Viewmark Homes) with the city that the plan park will now become townhouses.

There is still a plan to build a tower for 104 units, but no location is shown where it may go at this time.

The ward councilor said it has taken 24 years to get to this point and maybe 24 more years when the whole things is completed. The report can be found here with the site plan
Went by the site today and a new development sign up for it.

The plan call for 144 2/3 story townhouses up to 2,250 Sq Ft and been call 5&10 Towns at http://fiveandtentwns.com.

This has yet to go to Planning & Development committee and it will be in opposition to what is being vision for the area under the Cooksville Plan

Looks like Conservatory Group has the land now. Townhouses on Dundas 1 block from Hurontario LRT not acceptable.

This site has change hands more than enough as well what it supposed to be the last 20 years.