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Apr 24, 2007
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"Acclaimed" designers Arquitectonica have revealed a conceptual design for Bayside's first building.

If acclaimed designers are going to serve up this kind of crap, give me those with less acclaim. Have a look. Conceptual is no excuse for terrible.

see waterfront.ca September 30th newsletter http://www.waterfrontoronto.ca/widgets_newsletter/read-newsletter/id/25
It's hard to tell from that tiny image. I have enlarged and sharpened it to produce this:


It is still very difficult to make an informed judgment from this blurry image, but from what I can tell I see nothing egregiously wrong with it, and in fact it looks rather interesting. I await better images before coming to a decision on its design, but so far I am favourably inclined to it.
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Oh, man, I was gettin' ready for some red hot render porn, only to find....this? Seriously? It's clunky, dull and banal. Hope it improves drastically before it's final version.
It seems to take up a long block without any variation in its facade. Oddly proportioned, too... not typically urban proportions which are what I'd prefer.
Very hard to tell from the render what the project will be like, the box by the lake feels a bit like Foster's Pharmacy building at U of T - I do like the description though:

Arquitectonica presented a design in which the building appears as a set of cubes on top of one another with large windows and limestone panels between the windows. Along the lake end of the building is one section that looks like a suspended lantern or cube that is supported by pillars. The space between the cube and the building becomes an outdoor amenity for residents with stunning views of the lake. A public space runs west to east through the building and connects Bonnycastle Street to Sherbourne Common.

Well, not going to worry about it yet - it's just a concept design - remember how Mondo changed over the course of the process. Besides, the DRP is pretty decent.

What happened to the big, tropical atrium, that was supposed to connect to Bonnycastle? It looked great in the original design.
It became this: "A public space runs west to east through the building and connects Bonnycastle Street to Sherbourne Common"

That tropical, public space was supposed to be the place the public could go to warm up, when skating in the Sherbourne Common skating rink and also a nice link to the shopping area on Bonnycastle. It was the best part of the plan and now it's gone? Damn, I hate when we get set up, with pretty pictures, then get all the best parts removed, when we get the actual details.

THAT SUCKS! OK, on second thought, let's hand the waterfront to the Ford Twins. (kidding but this is a big disappointment, if in fact, that public space is removed)
I think it is too early to draw the conclusion that the wintergarden is gone - we'll just have to wait and see at this stage. I think it's fairly explicitly stated that there will be somekind of public space.

...The box thing kind of looks like UW's Dana Porter library, except in glass form.

Oh dear.