very cool Mike! especially liked the moon setting at the beginning!

I came up with a couple name variations for haters of this project... "Bur-yawn-o" or "Bore-ano". Take your pick.
very nice timelapse. wow. this view is gonna get way more "downtown" now. looks like it'll cast a pretty big shadow too (especially over bay street).
April 03, 2011




the massing of this tower really is the stand-out feature. this tower looks great from no matter what angle you're looking at it.
i'm liking Murano's shine/bling at the moment, but burano's bulkiness is spectacular. this thing is going to be AMAZING right in the middle of bay street. it'll work wonders on Bay street, just as Shangri-la does to University.
simply spectacularness by drum118! props! :D
I'm thrilled to see they didn't butcher the base. Aesthetically, it works well with the glass tower too.

If you want a very cool and unique view of Burano (and the Four Seasons) - go into the MaRS building and take the glass elevator right up to the top floor (publicly accessible) ... get out and walk down the hall to the left, and you'll come across some big windows with an AMAZING view of Burano popping up behind the buildings at College and Elizabeth, as well as the Four Seasons peaking up further to the north.

Contact me if you need help getting this view. I'll accompany you.

Is it just me, or from the SE corner of Bay and College does it look like Burano is slightly leaning over Bay Street?

Probably an optical allusion. Probably. :)
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I think it's simply lens distortion.

Depending on the lens used, it can be anywhere from subtle to pronounced.

Hahaha... that's probably true... but I mean looking at it in person (I work at Bay and College).

It's not leaning - I've checked it against other buildings... but it sure looks like it. Maybe I need spectacles?
Lol mea culpa. Totally thought you meant from the posted photos.

Haven't seen the site in person in ages, so no idea. Anyone?