I can't tell from the renderings if the old Victorian houses at the corner of Howard and Sherbourne are included in this development. If they are included is the plan simply to restore them or incorporate them into a new structure? Does anyone know? The houses have been sitting empty for decades and look like they're starting to crumble.
The house at the corner of sherbourne and Howard will be part of the podium. Much like james cooper and selby, and the medallion tower to come on the south corner.
Are you serious?

You think the standard beige stucco, mass produced casement windows and $1 lighting looks great on a heritage rebuild? Use a wood composite siding if need be and traditional sash windows instead the modern casements. It's like those $1.5 plus million dollar McMansions sprouting up everywhere with a stone or brick front facade and stucco on all the other sides. Quantity over quality.
For your info the windows on the front elevation are not casements they are sash windows, casements on the rear.
Wonderful news! I often drive down Howard on my way downtown. This will bring back some of the great former character of an almost lost neighbourhood. I may walk instead of drive through here in the future!
This project is taking forever. Does anyone know when shoring for the tower is set to begin? Are the houses on Sherbourne scheduled to be restored before excavation starts?
I have updated the dataBase file for this development, removing all of the early images that would now be associated with the Parliament Street end of the site (the chunk that Tridel bought). Now, only images from the early tower plan at the corner of Bloor and Sherbourne, and the townhomes planned for Red Rocket Lane immediately behind it, remain.

In terms if taking forever, @jozl, larger developers are able to buy land when it comes up, and then can wait until the time is right for them to develop. Lanterra is one of the vast majority of developers in Toronto who pre-sell the buildings (only a very few are self-financing and start digging before selling suites), so you're not going to see shoring here before you see marketing kick in, and we don't know when that's going to happen yet. I suspect that you will be waiting quite a while longer for something to happen here still. For development at the other end of the block, you will want to watch the Via Bloor thread, something that you'll likely be waiting a couple of years less for.

Just an FYI, as I've mentioned, I live at 77 Howard Street, 20th for, facing north, so this project will all but kill my view, they've recently put up two build boards advertising the new towers, and this is its current state (sorry, took with my iPad camera, so it's of poor quality). That little silver car? He's been stuck there all day! He thought he could make a short cut between Bloor and Howard, not accounting for the field of mud right in front of him, duh! Lol!


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