Meaning Lanterra is looking to get out of North St. James Town? Interesting… They've done a lot of the pubic benefits legwork already, but I suppose they don't feel that this area fits with their brand.


I'm not so sure. It's not like Lanterra is this big time luxurious builder. I wonder though if it has to do with not being able to maximize profit or their vision for the project due to many reasons one of which could be height restrictions?

Tridel is building right next door. The Rosedale has started construction. The project at Wellesley/Sherboune has started as well. I feel if it didn't fit their brand, they wouldn't have even bought the land and tried to develop it in the first place as the area was much worse when the land was purchased.

Just my 2 cents....I could be completely wrong but if it's good enough for a beast like Tridel then why not Lantera whom I think is infeirior.
Give me aA over IBI any day of the week. This is likely to be a net negative for those who care about design. I'm already mourning the possible loss of this design.
I wonder how long before 600 Sherbourne (Medical Centre) across the street gets bought out and demolished for a massive mixed-use development