Hard to get a great view.



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At Meridian Hall you get the performing arts, at Massey Hall you get a mix of new and old performers looking for an intimate venue.

With casinos you get bands like Saga, Ace of Base, Gowan, etc that are past their prime and looking for somewhere to play. The last time I recall someone going to a show at Rama it was for a 1970s rock group and it was my 52 year old parents. The fact I cannot remember who was even playing is testament to the fact they were not really an a-list band.

I would take Saga or Gowan over 90% of what is popular now.
I had forgotten about this. The last things I had read, from April 2018, say the entertainment venue will be 4200 seats. I think it's going to be in the top left part of the picture above, so it looks like not much of it has been built yet.
There's already a TTC 927 bus to and from the Bloor subway that has its first stop after the express part of its northbound Hwy 427 route near there for the mall, about a 15 minute walk away, actually closer than where the new GO Train station will be on the wrong (south) side of the property, though I'd assume there will likely be some kind of local shuttle bus. I could see how this and the new 5000-seat theatre that should be opening at Fallsview in a few months could leave Rama having trouble attracting shows.
I wrote Michael Ford's office who got someone at metrolinx to respond to me who consulted with WEG and apparently there will be some kind of internal transit system. There would have to be, the site is simply too big to expect people to walk around. It has been confirmed though.

Also the GO Station is on the right side of the property because that's where the trail corridor runs.


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Docs are up. Description added:
Proposal for a Zoning By-law Amendment to add Transportation Use (with ancillary Retail Store) as a permitted use to facilitate the proposed Woodbine GO Station. No proposed development as a part of this application.