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Dear Neighbours,

Below is a brief update on the CIBC SQUARE project.

Introducing TABLE – a new culinary destination at 81 Bay Street

We are excited to share that TABLE Fare + Social (TABLE) will open at CIBC SQUARE in summer 2023! Located on the fourth floor of 81 Bay Street, and open to the public and building tenants alike, TABLE will provide a one-of-a-kind dining and social experience where music, fare, and people come together.

Guests will enjoy a carefully curated array of culinary offerings that showcase Toronto’s dynamic and evolving food scene, with flavourful Thai, savoury Japanese, and delectable local cuisine among the exceptional options that will be available. The space will feature various kiosks serving unique dishes, in addition to a central bar with hand-crafted cocktails and a lively atmosphere to mingle.

Beyond the culinary highlights, TABLE will provide a vibrant community space with year-round programming, featuring food tastings, cooking classes, live music, pop-up events, trivia nights, and more.

Accessible via CIBC SQUARE’s entrances, the rail hub, PATH and Scotiabank Arena, TABLE will be open six days a week to suit any occasion - whether you are in the mood for a morning coffee, a quick lunch in The Park, a pre-game cocktail, or a dinner with friends.

For more information, check out the press release here or visit tablefoodhall.com. We look forward to sharing additional updates and details about vendors as we approach the opening!

Construction at CIBC SQUARE
The final phase of steel framing for the overbuild park is now complete. Work continues to progress on the 141 Bay Street tower, with the concrete core reaching Level 10. Structural steel erection for the tower is now underway from Levels 3-7 and elements of the Level 1 concrete slab are starting on the podium side of the building.
Did the core jump again?
~May 23? and ~June 2?

Some overcorrected shadow pictures from this morning.



Nice Pictures! Royal Bank Plaza is still the nicest looking building in the city imo. Can't get enough of that golden cladding.
Funny that's probably my least favorite prominent building in the financial district lol. I find the towers surrounding it to be all far more visually interesting.