Interesting things are happening which will come out soon enough if all goes well, but I'll leave it at that and go back to quietly lurking rather then making my rare posts.

You may not be able to say what or even where but maybe you could offer an approximate "when" soon is?
I can't believe people would want to live in a 330 sq ft room? How on earth can you sandwich in a bathroom, laundry, kitchen, living room, etc in that small space. Unbelievable! That would be like living in my master bedroom. I can only imagine that a unit like this will probably fetch over $350,000 and 350/month in condo fees!
Ummm.... actually, $350K for a unit like that would be considered cheap. The builder's in fact selling all of their bachelor units for just under and above $500K, according to the price lists that have been released. I suspect there are so many micro units in this project specifically because it provides that many more "affordable" options for buyers.

Also, all of the builder's printed promo material states the tower is 85 stories - at least for now.
Honestly despite the cutting down from its original height, I can't wait to see this one go up. Toronto has a lot of buildings with more squarish floor plates, this one will be very unqiue with its wide rectangular profile and sloped roof. Even at the reduced 299m it's still going to be absolutely massive.

I'm personally hoping that they accentuate it with a neat lighting feature too.
A couple dozen recent posts have been moved into a new real estate thread for YSL, linked at the top of the page in the database file box.

I find the light bars on Aura disturbing. They are also light bars; the lowest form of LED lighting.
They should have been extended down a bit past half for most of the lines I get they’re supose to be stagered but. This new tower for YSL is starting to grow on me a little. Meeting the street needs a bit of an adjustment some how... the side facing younge.