Aura isn't just another building. It's 273 metres tall and and its silhouette can be seen from kilometres away. I find a number of cities and countries build cringeworthy architecture but, that's more my personal design aesthetic. Good materials. You see the firm behind the design cared to produce something of substance. Aura looks rushed to market to satisfy investors, The massing and details are deplorable. The easiest solution to any conflict between exterior envelope and interior spaces is to add more and more spandrel glass. At least Aura is a glass tower by definition. Towers with solid facades and punched windows still end up with spandrel glass panels in those punched windows. This is the standard spreading across Canada.
I got an email from Cresford regarding this project. They claim only 18 suites remain, Im not sure whether that means in the initial pre-construction slot of units, or the entire building. Anyways the email goes on to say that YSL has been Cresfords greatest success yet in terms of the pre-sales. That's gotta be a good thing. I spoke to one of the salesmen who is helping sell these and he echoed similar remarks that so far they are ahead of schedule and very happy with the public response.
I couldn't imagine otherwise at least from an investment POV. This is literally on top of Ryerson. You would never have trouble finding rental tenants.
Rates are already going up. The average 5 year fixed rate last summer was around 2.4 to 2.8% , fast forward 15 months and that same 5 year fixed rate is averaging about 3.7 to 3.9%. In the next year that rate will likely rise to about 4.5 to 4.7% where it should maintain. That's still quite low historically.

My prediction is that condos in the prime locations (Yonge St, on a major subway line, lake shore, etc) will continue to do very well.
New arch docs posted. Height is confirmed at 299m to the top of the parapet.
No new renders, but includes elevations and floor plans.
This one will go 6 levels underground.
Cue whining about being 1 metre shy of the completely arbitrary "supertall" designation