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Apr 24, 2007
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Located to the west of the Mount Pleasant Village Phase 1 development, Daniels is constructing two 6-storey mass timber purpose-built rental buildings, with a mix of 1-,2-, and 3-bedroom layouts, 158 units in total, with a common main entrance and amenities. This is the first block of the Mount Pleasant Village Phase 2, located west of the GO Station.

As I passed by, I noted early land clearance, so shoring is likely this fall.

Fullscreen capture 2022-08-10 42159 PM.jpg
Fullscreen capture 2022-08-10 42312 PM.jpg
Fullscreen capture 2022-08-10 42350 PM.jpg
Except for the extensive use of the colour black, this feels like it could come straight out of 1975.

Surface parking, a tower-in-the-park feel to much of the landscape, residential at-grade and a large, slab-style floorplate.
There’s a crane up. I couldn’t get a photo when I drove past today, but trust me.

Trust you? ShonTron? A UT original; a veteran, a legend, a mod............pffft.

Sure, tell us another one! :p