So if Hullmark is going at the SE corner of Yonge & Sheppard...and Menkes' Savvy is going, presumably somewhere near the SE corner next to Cosmo...where's Emerald Park going? I recall a low-rise commercial/retail structure proposed for the NW corner next to the bus station, so, by process of elimination, Emerald Park might be going on the forlorn SW corner, replacing a car rental place.

Of course, this website:
makes the entire project seem very fishy...
Are we getting two-timed? Hmm.

Regardless, that intersection will look pretty sharp in a few years.
It's about time Toronto had a little Kazakhstan.
Can't wait to see what these ones will look like (assuming they've been modified since we first heard about them).

so many new condos coming to market ... and none of the marketing comes with renderings

wanna see what a red hot condo looks like
if the palms includes palms
or evolution evolves as it rises
and who would want to liv at Markham & Sheppard
Interesting that the Astana versions are office towers, not residences.

their website has been updated with 'views', although there are still no renderings....from this north-looking view, it looks like the project may indeed be on the SW corner of Yonge & Sheppard...


Hopefully we will get some renderings soon...
And I suspect there won't be 3 towers sharing one base as the SW corner can't fit 3 towers (unless Bazis bought two blocks of Yonge frontage and plans to petition the city to close Bogert Avenue).

I guess Bazis will begin marketing this one once 1 Bloor East has fully calmed down.

Hoperfully, Emerald Park and Hullmark will be constructed at the same'll be neat to see 200 cumulative storeys added to the currently-a-gaping-void intersection of Yonge & Sheppard.
I suspect that what actually gets launched will be significantly drummed down compared to the initial rendering we saw earlier.
here's a render for the central of the 3 towers in Kazakhstan, 54 storeys, and which btw is currently u/c.......hope they will release the North York project soon, and that it resembles this...


courtesy SSC