All of the elevated sections for the 403 overpass look like they are about to be put in place.
Lots of piers still have to be built. Then you still got to cap the ones being built before the beams can be place on them.

The 2 spans over Rathburn could see beams in place next week and well depend on the centre pier and weather. The centre pier has been under heating protection for most of the past week. Once that is done, they can deck those beams as well the ones in place. Back filling than take place to bring the line to grade at Sq One Dr.

If I am reading the site right, the area between the eastbound ramp to Hurontario and the 403 will be at an elevated dirt grade level to allow the line to do a T junction. Only the centre pier for the 403 is pour and cap with no end piers for the bridge.
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There were staging areas for girders on Rathburn and the Hurontario overpass above the 403.

There were staging areas for girders on Rathburn and the Hurontario overpass above the 403.
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The those beam are for the ramp to City View follow by the ones to the centre column now the protection is now gone and then to the south Rathburn pier. Forming will start for the decking on top of the beams. All beams should be in place by Friday.

Watch for lane changes as well having to stop while the beams are being place.
Sorry for the crappy cell picture, but here is the Port Credit pushbox. Looks like waterproofing is happening on top of it. Push soonish?

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it looks like the box is next to track 3 now with the track still to be install or it can be a walkway. The top is waterproof and only can be seen from the train or aerial shots. Those beams will slide on the box top while the box is being move.
Driving back from Florida this weekend. I hope they can wait until the following weekend for the push.
Safe driving back and no rush as the box will still be there until next weekend.
Dec 14
Have to rebuilt a few computer systems that will delay me in posting any photos for a few days I shot today.

Schedules are easy to talk about, but not meeting them is something brush under the carpet. We have already seen a number of miss and late schedules this year starting with the PC Box that was to happen in April; then the late start up on the elevated piers; the late push for the QEW Box follow by 2 intersections that saw the guideway for them completed a week or so late. Matheson was to be done by Dec 8, but only haft of it is done with no work taking place on the other haft that is ready for it.

Construction well underway for Matheson Platform set back from Matheson to allow a ramp(?) to be built to it from Matheson. It hard to tell at this time if this platform is for a single 42m car or double like it to happen for 3 29m cars.

Work is underway north of Britannia for the northbound lanes with only 2 lanes each way over the 401.

About 200' of yard lead up at the 407 loop to be fully encase in concrete. The rest that I could see is fully encase with the last 200' to see top coat.

Tracks will be on the northside of Top Flight and then swing to the centre at Hurontario. Most of the road base is done including water and sewer work as well the pouring of the curb. Trap on top of the finish area to protect it from the weather until the guideway can be build. You now have Hanas/Ambassador intersection that is to be done by Dec 28 that only has some track material on site for the northbound track and nothing for the southbound.

The ramps for the walkway over the tracks are a bitch to climb and more so in the snow and ice for the winter month. Non able people will have a real time dealing with the ramps as they don't meet the 8:1/4:1 requirements.

The Kingsway intersection has most of the tracks in place and since they are cover up, hard to say if the base is pour or not, but the top coat is not done. No idea what the schedule is for this intersection.

Steel shoring in place for the piers for the 407 on ramps that will allow the widening of the bridge to allow the guideway to be built in the centre of the bridge. This is schedule for early 2023. Noticed the east centre pier has the pad on top of the support pier for beams, but the west doesn't.

Huge piles of gravel for the guideway base as well the sewer and waterline work. Convoys of trucks coming and going from the area at the 407 where one is pickup loads for a site while other dump the material. Evacuated material is pile up there including concrete material.

Forming underway for the south pier over Rathbun to box in the beams sitting on it.

A fair number of intersections north of Eglinton have new traffic lights installed, but cover up.

Hydro doing a lot of string wires at various location on the west side of Hurontario on the new taller poles.

2 blocks have rails in place for them, but no concrete pour for them.