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I just heard on Rogers' "Structures" show tonight that the Toronto Hydro Building at 14 Carlton was never fully built. Apparently the original plans called for a building three times the height of what's there now. What we see is actually the base of what would have been a stepped back tower - I'm imagining something like the original Toronto Star building (same architect). Does anyone have any more info on this?
No surprise really, considering that College Park suffered the same fate.

The late 1920s and the early 1930s was the golden age of skyscrapers in North America. It was a period when anything and everything in skyscraper building seemed possible. Unfortunately the Great Depression killed or downsized many projects. I wonder how much different Toronto and many North American cities might have looked liked if the Great Depression never happened, or even delayed by 5 or 10 years.
Speaking of Toronto Hydro, check out the Globe and Mail's Real Estate section Friday March 26th. Not 100% sure if it'll be in that day, but I just finished writing an article for them on Hydro's residential-style substations (you know the ones, they are fake 3-sided houses with all those scary transformers in back). If it's not published that Friday then it'll be in the following week.

I don't have anything in there on 14 Carlton, but I do have some interesting things like years of construction on a few of the residential substations and some interesting facts about them in general.

Yes, I know it's a shameless plug but a struggling freelance writer has to do what he has to do!