I think this is looking alright - I am anxious to see the mid rise component go up. Most of the buildings in the area have the signature faux historic wedding cake look to them, so I appreciate that this will add a bit of diversity.
I like the look .... and it's much better than the design back on page one .... that's hideous

white buildings don't age well, so it remains to be seen if the wraparound balconies with opaque glass make or break the building. I think it's those two things that make the overall look
Sept 17


Now that the balcony is glass has been installed on all but the uppermost floors of the tower and we can grasp the final overall look, the lesson here is that white spandrel panels and mullions do not make a satisfactory frame around the windows. Those floors, which are essentially complete on the exterior now, look just as raw as when they were under construction. There aren't that many differences on the exterior treatment here from how Tableau was designed, other than a switch from black frames to white, spandrels instead of all glass, and no staggered frames spread across the balcony edges. The wraparound balconies and shallow chevron shape are the same. Here's a shot by @TheKingEast to compare:


Meanwhile, when you compare what we're getting up top with the hero rendering (below), it would seem that the slab extension over the uppermost balconies has been value engineered out of the design. That's a shame. That improved the look.