??? So are you two implying that every so often, Building Maintenance of the Arbor division, will traipse through my penthouse and muck up my $75,000 hand woven silk rug, to trim some branches???? They have another thing coming!

(Those Terraces are Private spaces. No other building tenant can access them.)

So you think it's appropriate for someone to drop $18million for a condo (who probably uses it as a second home and jet sets around the world) to water the trees on a regular basis? LOL
I'm sure there's some type of irrigation system that handles all that anyway.
Oh, I don't mind retaining my own private gardener for my horticultural needs... In fact I insist upon it. I just have a problem with the general Riffraff the building may employ.
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Thanks for answering my question so precisely. I'm glad there's still hope for some foliage like the pictures showed.
Based on the article, a very interesting chef with a respectable background!!! Exciting times for Toronto indeed!!! All these fantastic hotels with fantastic restaurants.!!!!
August 16th:

I don't know how this is gonna work for the film festival. Seems as though it will have lots of construction and media in there. Might be a bit unpleasant for the A - List Stars on site.
I thought Ritz-Carlton was going to house most of the stars?
Looks like these guys want a piece of the action too! No rule that Ritz gets to keep all the stars to themselves, as well I'm pretty sure Trump will get their share as well.