We have discussed the water colour and it is part of a natural filtering process. Will be gone in a day.
It’s been a quite long time!!
It’s embarrassing to be honest.
I was there late last week, the water is certainly not crystal clear but it is not nearly as opaque as it was. There is clearly a balance between being fully 'treated' and being 'natural' and I suspect it will change.
Yes fellas, I totally agree with you, and I wasn't mentioning anything close to a swimming pool, but it's just too green and doesn't seem healthy for me.
...the "too green" was taken care of earlier to my understanding. And is likely still being monitored now in case that happens again. From there though, the hue of the water becomes a matter of an opinion.
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Not overly concerned but I thought it is an issue that would have been less conspicuous if we had went for dark shale (slate?) lining proposed early on.


Rounded river stones would have been nice too. The parking lot-style concrete pavement at the bottom of the pond is a weak point in the design.
They are cleaning and then draining the pond this morning.


A sad day.
In line w/the above observation:

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i'm disappointed about this. beaver lake in montreal is not drained in the winter - why does this park need to be?

why the city would allocate so much of this park to a water feature that can't be used for half the year is baffling. hopefully skateboarders start using the pond so it's not a total waste in the winter