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Apr 24, 2007
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Northeast corner of Sandalwood Parkway and Mississauga Road in northwest Brampton, at 10629 Mississauga Road. This is the third phase of Primont's condominium projects in the area, with Phase II underway at the northeast corner of Sandalwood and Veterans Drive, just to the east of here. Three buildings ranging from 12 to 30 stories, with 692 units total.

City staff are recommending approval of the ZBA at the March 20 planning and development committee meeting:

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Uh oh Mississauga Rd? We already saw the Rotary Glen proposal at Queen/Mississauga Rd on a Rapid Zum Bus Line get rejected by the 100 Nimbys showing up at council in Brampton West who hate high density.

Should be okay, given the existing midrise and the two high rises going up at Sandalwood and Veterans. The successful (for now) NIMBY backlash against the Rotary Glen development was quite a bit to the south, and even there, the other area midrise proposals were approved.