Those designs seem to me to be trying way too hard. Some echoes of the buildings curves is one thing, but much of this is just...silly.
Holy crap, they're serious about the lobby. I thought for sure that it was an April Fool's joke. That is some serious over-design.
Holy crap, they're serious about the lobby. I thought for sure that it was an April Fool's joke.

I thought it was too. A few days later I hit the One Bloor site and there it was.
how long are we going to call Toronto " restrained and conservative " ?

Good question -- presumably as long as people ignore the ROM Crystal, and OCAD's Sharp Centre, and Absolute World, and the Ritz Carlton, and Trump, and the new Ryerson Student Learning Centre, etc. etc. etc.
Not to rain on anyone's parade but the idea of a lobby I think should be that it be understated and livable. The problem with doing something on the fringe is that it will appeal to some and absolutely turn off others. For those in the middle, after a while it will become a bit "bothersome I believe".
The other issue is that the reality, whether used as an investment or to live, one has to consider the resale ability fo the property. Doing something on the outer edge of the fringe severely limits your market when you go to sell.
My own belief is that unless one absolutely loves this lobby, it is a significant negative feature and ultimately will detract from value.

I am all for trying interesting and novel things but this is just too bold for my personal "restrained and conservative" tastes.

In this location they may get away with it because it is after all at Yonge and Bloor. If not for that, I think the lobby would end up being redesigned and gutted within 5 years. Just my view.
A lobby should be warm and inviting. Snowy iceberg-walls and cool blues are neither of those. This may be someones taste and idea of high-end but in no circles can this palette be considered warm. Warmth doesn't just come from the colour choice. Warmth also comes from the choice of surfaces which surround the environment. Surfaces that beg to be touched or appreciated for their value, like various woods, rare marble or metals. All materials familiar in a human's natural environment. (Subconsciously we can perceive of their value though our understanding of how difficult it would be to obtain those materials.) Most people could not place a value on white-lacquered undulating walls, because they are outside of our everyday experience, therefore psychologically they will have NO value, defeating the purpose to appear high-end.

A lobby should suit the humanity that inhabits the space. In my opinion, the only creatures suited to this environment are Polar Bears or Penguins.

Seems like the vagina motif of the facade is being carried out in the lobby!

I feel like this is what the interior of one looks like.. wrong colour mind you, but the shape seems about right!
Boldness unrewarded?

I don't particularly like the design either...but that's the thing with being's hit and miss...

...but I would prefer to gravitate toward a city 'not' afraid to take chances once in awhile to one that always plays it safe...I think - as others have rightly pointed out - were now moving towards the former and inasmuch as I don't like this 'particular' example of 'out of the box thinking', I welcome the approach nevertheless.
I realize that 90% of Torontonians want things that are bland as hell but for the few of us who are creative and appreciate bold jestures, there should be a few options. I welcome the original designs that provide something a little different. Toronto is slowly getting more adventurous and dragging you old, consevative foggies along, kicking and screaming. lol Just accept it and the trasition will be much easier. Change will happen whether you like it or not. I say. bring on the new, original designs.