I think they where poking at that a couple of months or so back. It should be a few pages, I thinks. But then they packed up and went back home....with a few of speculations as to why. I'm sure they'll be back at some point...

...and I think that's pretty much what anyone knows at this time.
Taken July 20, 2020


Thread title is back to 306m. Did something change and the building shrink again or is that just an error?
Thanks for catching that. We made changes to the back end so that UT would become more reliable, and apparently some database files lost their last revision if they were made in June, 2020. So, I have rebuilt the last revision now. Cheers!

At the moment it does not look different from the renderings, the balcony glass will change the appearance if it's done the same as the rendering, many times people start to complain way too early.

Style wise no. But there are two notable differences:

1) There appears to be no mullions in the rendering.

2) The cladding is much shinier with no Toronto grey accents.

...both of these suggest the cladding advertised is of much higher quality than the ones they're are currently putting up.

If you can live with that, fine I guess. But to others including myself, it feels cheapened and needlessly busy.
Ya with only one row of just one of the materials is a tad premature to judge this thing already. Wait till they add a lot more to say weather or not it’s gunna be crappy or good. It is what it is right now, and that’s “nowhere near completion”. Let’s calm down on the hatred of something barely above ground. Give it a chance and more time.